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3 Pass Gaps Solitaire

Gaps Solitaire is a fun solitaire card games where the deck is dealt into 4 rows of 13 cards
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Gaps Solitaire
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28 June 2009

Editor's review

The game of Solitaire is a famous one which is available online in many different formats made available by a series of game developing companies. The main concept remaining the same yet the variations are being imparted by all the other aspects which includes changes in alignment, dissimilar graphics along with slight changes in the game play. With that little change yet keeping the entire thrill and excitement of cards game, developers have come up with 3 Pass Gaps Solitaire. This solitaire game is similar to most other solitaire game where you need to arrange the cards as per the right order.

3Pass Gaps Solitaire is a craftily designed solitaire game that will keep you busy for hours. It has got enough in it to test your analytical and logical skills plus can act as a material that will certainly help you to move up from monotonous job and refresh yourself. There are 4 rows available and in which you can discover a total of 13 cards. And in the whole collection there are 4 gaps hic you will be easily visualize once you get on with this game. Your job is to arrange the cards left to right in the sequence from 2 to king. You will not find the 4 Ace cards as they are removed giving space for the gaps to appear. Another rule you should know in this game is that cards of same color having value one more can be put on the right side of a card and a card having on value less is place on the left of a card.

3Pass Gaps Solitaire demands a diligent and high concentration gaming skills for one to win it. We give it a decent score of three rating points for its neat graphics.

Publisher's description

Gaps Solitaire is a fun solitaire card games where the deck is dealt into 4 rows of 13 cards. The aces are then removed to create gaps. The player moves cards between the gaps building up by suit from left to right or down by suit from right to left.
3 Pass Gaps Solitaire
3 Pass Gaps Solitaire
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